Who am I

I will show you new perspectives so that you can reach your goals with ease and joy! 


My name is Nicole Machmeier, I was born in 1970 and have been working for more than 20 years in an international enterprise  in various areas (purchasing, controlling and IT) as a project manager. 

Today the Heidelberg region is my home. But I have also lived in the USA and Asia



I really enjoy giving impulses and seeing how these impulses are transformed into something tangible and valuable. 


The love for horses has led me to complete a horse-supported coaching training (coach, consultant & trainer with horses as co-trainer - Horsesense certified) in addition to my Business-Coach certification (ACC-ICF certified), Burn-Out-Stress-Coach certification and Clarification Helper-Mediator (IfK) certification, so that I can now offer an innovative and very sustainable form of coaching. 


Why Coaching with Horses?

The special thing about this coaching is that we are out in the nature and work with these wonderful animals. Horses have a very sensitive perception for mood and feelings. They reflect the contact with people in their individual way in a direct and unfiltered way. That means the horse can be seen as our reflection. 

For the coaching with horses, no riding or horse knowledge is required.


Horse assisted coaching, a once in a lifetime experience!


What is horse-assisted coaching?

Horse-assisted coaching is first about observing and interacting with horses (no rodeo or horseback riding involved 

Secondly, the experiences of the interaction and observations are analyzed and transferred into the business world. 


Why do we use horses for coaching?

Horses can reflect human emotions unfiltered. 


As horses are “flight animals”, they have a very sensitive perception for human moods and feelings which are expressed in our body language. They can mirror such feelings and give us valuable insights into ourselves.  

How do we work together?


I offer you different ways how we can work together in coaching.

We can generally do the coaching over the phone, or we can meet for a walk together - Walk & Coach.

Or we can use the horses as a mirror in a horse based coaching approach. 


Regardless of how we work together, in a non-binding (free) preliminary talk we will clarify what exactly is the sticking point that needs to be overcome.

It is important to me that we find out in the conversation whether you see me as the right coaching partner.

Only if there is a mutual basis of trust, the coaching can be a success. 


Do you have any further Questions?

Please send me a message using the contact form below or click here.